T.C.T. circular saw blades for wood cutting
Side by side to our product line for metal cutting, Julia Utensili S.p.A. decided to widen its offer, also introducing the new line of T.C.T. circular saw blades for wood cutting. This new product together with the circular saw blades for metal cutting, is especially addressed to whom normally operates in the metal field but also receives requests from the woodworking one. This way Julia Utensili S.p.A. gives a chance to its customers to have the comfort of a single supplier with a good quality and competitive prices, also enjoying the benefits of reduced costs for logistic and administrative chores. Our new line of T.C.T. circular blades for wood cutting is fully detailed in our new catalogue where you can also find our T.C.T. for non-ferrous materials and planer knives for wood. The new line includes: · Universal saw blades for massive wood cutting · Sawblades for panels as MDF, laminated, hardboard and multilayer panels. · Scoring saw blades · Dividing saw blades for high productivity · Multi-ripping saw blades, especially used in saw mills · Saw blades for light alloys as aluminium, brass and bronze · Dry-cut saw blades · Planer knives HSS 18% for wood · Corrugated knives for wood profiling Our blades are produced using exclusively European raw materials, a guarantee of constant reliability, also assured by strict quality controls systematically applied in our production departments, as well as at our materials suppliers factories.
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