Organizational, Management and Control Model – D.Lgs. n°231/2001

Julia Utensili srl, in line with ethical and governance principles, adopted an Organization, Management and Control Model and Code of Ethics with a determination of the Sole Director on 28 December 2023, a further step forward for our company already certified according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.

The model, which includes the institute of whistleblowing, consists of a ‘General Section’, containing the principles and guidelines underlying the structure of the Model itself, and a ‘Special Section’, containing the provisions for the prevention of predicate offences potentially applicable based on sensitive activities.

At the same time as adopting the ‘Organization, Management and Control Model’ and the Code of Ethics, the company appointed a Supervisory Board (SB).

Through the ‘Organizational, Management and Control Model’ and the Code of Ethics, Julia ultimately intends to affirm and disseminate a business culture based on:

  • to legality, transparency, ethicality, fairness and respect for the rules, reaffirming that, in keeping with the strict principles it has adopted, no unlawful conduct may be deemed permissible, even if committed in the interest or to the advantage of the company;
  • control of every phase of the decision-making and operational processes of the company’s business, in full awareness of the risks arising from the possible commission of offences.

An extract of the documentation can be found on the company’s website at the following links: