PATENT – Log saw blades for tissue paper

The flagship of Julia Utensili has always been her R&D department. We are happy to announce that the knife for cutting tissue and toilet paper rolls, which we have developed, has obtained the patent n ° 102020000014668 for its innovative characteristics compared to the standard products already on the market.

The philosophy of our company has always been to offer products with high technological content. Also in these cases, we believe we have succeeded so much so that even the patent office has certified the innovative and unique features.

Julia’s patented knife has very particular characteristics, especially in the variable geometry of the profile, the reduced roughness and thickness and the tight manufacturing tolerances. The combination of these characteristics allows first of all to reduce the lateral pressure on the toilet paper roll, with evident benefits in terms of surface finish and less deformation of the cardboard core.

It also allows you to obtain perfectly orthogonal cuts without vibrations that often cause unwanted visual effects, the coriander effect on the paper also disappears.

Our technicians are at your disposal to organize tests. We are confident that you will be more than satisfied with the result!